Habitat regulations assessment

​The Habitat Regulations Assessment is a recognised step by step process



Habitat Regulations AssessmentHabitat Regulations Assessment

​The UK is bound by the terms of the EC Habitats Directive (and EC Birds Directive and the Ramsar Convention). The aim of the Habitats Directive is to conserve natural habitats and wild species across Europe by establishing a network of sites known as Natura 2000 sites (for the purpose of this advice note, and as defined under the 2010 Habitats Regulations, these are referred to as European site(s)).

Under Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive, an appropriate assessment is required where a plan or project (in this case an Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project proposal) is likely to have a significant effect upon a European site, either individually or in combination with other projects.

The Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) is a recognised step by step process which helps determine likely significant effect and (where appropriate) assess adverse impacts on the integrity of a European site, examines alternative solutions, and provides justification for Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest (IROPI).

The Burbo Bank Extension Habitat Regulations Assessment describes the following topics:

  • Baseline information

  • Initial screening for likely significant effect

  • Assessment of likely significant effect

  • Assessment of potential adverse effect from the Project alone

  • Assessment of effects of the Project in-combination with other plans and projects

  • Consideration of mitigation and proposed monitoring

  • Consultation on the HRA

The document is available in its entirety on the Planning Inspectorate website.

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