​​11-May​​The Crown Estate Award Agreement for Lease to extend the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm over a 40 km² area.
​​Q2 ​Scoping Phase and Informal Consultation Commenced
​​Q3 - Q4​​Majority of Environmental Impact Assessment Surveys & Studies commence*





​10-March​A grid connection agreement with NGET was signed for a capacity of 234 MW
​04-May​Section 47 (S47) Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) was published

​First Round of Public Consultation.

Events were held in Rhyl, Hightown, New Brighton and Hoylake    



​16-April​Section 42 Formal Stakeholder Consultation commenced and the Section 48 Publicity Notice was published

​Second Round of Public Consultation.

S42 and S47 stakeholders received subsequent environmental information throughout the consultation process.




​22-March​Date of Application submission to the Planning Inspectorate (Development Consent Order - DCO), Denbighshire County Council (Town & Country Planning Act - TCPA), and Welsh Assembly Government Marine Consents Unit (Marine Licence).
​April​Acceptance from the Planning Inspectorate
​Summer​Start of Examination by the Planning Inspectorate



​26-September​Consents awarded.

The Development Consent Order (DCO) was approved by the Rt.Hon. Edward Davey MP at the recommendation of the Planning Inspectorate and covers all offshore work including the turbines, offshore substation, array cables and part of the of export cable.

​19-December​Final investment decision made

DONG Energy decided to construct the offshore wind farm Burbo Bank Extension in Liverpool Bay.


​Onshore construction began


2016 - 2017

​January​Lease for Cammell laird construction base signed
​Q2 - Q3​Turbine foundations installed*
​Q3 2016 - Q4 2017​Turbines installed*
​Q3 2016 - Q4 2016​Offshore substation installed*
​Q4 2016​First power generated*
​Q4 2016 - Q1 2017​Commissioning*

* All dates are subject to change