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​The Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm was awarded an agreement for lease by The Crown Estate on 11 May 2010. This will extend the existing Burbo Bank offshore wind farm by a further 258 MW (approximately).

​The Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm development consists of an area of 40 km² and a capacity of up to 258 MW, generating enough energy to meet the average needs of up to 230,000 homes.

The Project development site is located west of the Operational offshore wind farm in Liverpool Bay, around 7 km north of the North Wirral coast near the village of Meols, 8.5 km from Crosby beach, and 12.2 km from the Point of Ayr on the Welsh coast.

The Project will comprise of wind turbines, turbine foundations, inter-array cables and the transmission assets, i.e. an offshore substation, the export cable(s) and an onshore substation. It is likely that the offshore substation and cables will be owned and operated by an appointed independent Offshore Transmission Operator.

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The Crown Estate award Agreement for Lease to extend the existing Burbo Bank offshore wind farm    


September: Consents awarded for the project

December: Final Investment Decision made by DONG Energy.


Onshore construction begins


Spring: Offshore construction begins*

Winter: First power expected*


Completion and full commissioning of the project*


*all dates subject to change


 Watch the Burbo Bank Extension Digi-Brief

The digi-brief presents information including the location of the Project, details of engagement with the local community, employment figures and the local supply chain.



Download the chart

​The red line shows the indicative cable route. Surveys and an Environmental Impact Assessment have taken place which have resulted in the optimum route being developed. Download it here:

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Project Summary

​To find out more about Burbo Bank Extension, including information on jobs, production and the size of the offshore wind farm, please read our project summary.

Burbo Bank Extension summary




Chart of the wind farms in the area

​To download a chart showing the Project and the other wind farms in the area (with an UKHO background), please click on the following link:

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Burbo Bank offshore wind farm

​To find out more about Burbo Bank offshore wind farm click on the following link:

Burbo Bank Extension Briefing Pack